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Apple Books

Apple’s Books now offers audiobooks with text-to-speech AI narration. Initially exclusively offered for romance and fiction works, where they advertise Madison and Jackson as two available digital voices.

$ 0/mo.


Conversational AI APIs that are simple to use for Text to Voice, Language Comprehension, and Speech Recognition. Create own speech-enabled games and applications. Create your own games with speech and conversation-based characters.


Voice’s upcoming. a platform that can produce long-format speech in any voice and in any language. We use AI to connect writers and publishers looking for the best storytelling quality with the most convincing and authentic voices.

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$ 49/mo.

Text-to-speech technology puts lovely voices at your fingertips and is captivating. Streamline the voice creation process and cut costs.

Free Trial
$ 24/mo.

Create AI voice syntheses for your artistic endeavors. Use a Replica Voice to produce voice performances that are naturally expressive.

Free Trial

On the go, listen to articles! Make a playlist of articles to listen to on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Free Trial

Context understanding and real-time speech-to-text integration. Advanced deep learning models are used. Create summaries, enable live captioning, monitor user intents, and more from unstructured chat data.

$ 14/mo.

text-to-voice generator with AI. Use the greatest synthetic voices and our online AI Voice Generator to produce realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio. Quickly convert text in to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.

Free Trial
$ 1/mo.

For text-to-speech, an AI voice generator with voice cloning is used.

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$ 19/mo.

Not interested in reading an article? Listen to it without any issues. Articles To Audio Conversion

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