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AI Pickup Lines
$ 5/mo.

Artificial pick-up lines created from a single term! A database of all the pick-up lines generated on the website is also available for purchase.


To receive your sketches, upload an image, describe the image, and add tags to the image.


The best cocktail recipes that have been AI-customized for you. Create a recipe using the ingredients, your preferred level of sweetness, the type of glass, and the overall theme.

$ 10/mo.

With over 1000 resume examples influenced by artificial intelligence, stand out from the competition. Create a resume that is just as effective by studying what the most successful people in the world have done with their resumes.

$ 19/mo.

Use our capable AI to generate various hairstyles. Find which one works best for you. works for both men’s and women’s haircuts.


Make playlists with AI suggestions, pictures, videos, and your favorite songs.

$ 15/mo.

Make your own unique flash tattoo in seconds. Quit spending months looking for your next tattoo on Pinterest. Use BlackInk’s artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly generate personalized, one-of-a-kind tattoos that are specifically created for you.

Free Trial

An entertaining AI experiment that modifies any text into Gen Z lingo. The technology would be able to recognize specific words and phrases in the original text and then swap them out with the appropriate slang terms. I guess I converted 2000+ sentences to tweets.


AI-generated holiday cards. You can type in your company name, the event, the sound you want your message to make, and a description of the displayed image.



An app for your phone that lets you create and distribute an AI chatbot to thousands of users. Talk to an AI.

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